introducing EJ Equine Bodywork

Hi, I’m Emma

How It Started

My journey with horses started when I was 10 years old in an old barn with a horse named Apache. On that day I fell in love with horses and it’s never left. When asked what I wanted to learn that day, I said “Can I jump?” and that is just what I did… (eventually, after many years of lessons). 

I was fortunate enough to not own a horse, even though I wanted that so badly. Yes, you read that right, I said fortunate. It allowed me to learn to ride just about every horse I could get my hands on. The horses others deemed difficult to ride were my favorite. After all, I didn’t have to share them as much and we helped each other learn.  Helping horses is my favorite part of the equine world. I love watching them become better than they were before. It’s now my goal. 

I was also very prone to injury. Seriously, so many injuries. Yet even that became a beautiful part of my journey, allowing me to work on groundwork/liberty training, which is such an amazing way to communicate with your horse. My time recouping gave me time to improve my skills. I found deep fulfillment in learning to communicate with a horse, the silent articulation in sensing what it is ‘thinking,’ and knowing it understands me. 

God has always been a big part of my life, especially in my journey with horses. He brought them to me at a time in my life when I needed a life vest. He provided that life vest in the form of a horse. Horses helped me. I have seen how they have helped others. And now I get to be the one to help them.

My Masterson Method® Journey

If you want the quick version of why I picked up my first Masterson Method® book, it’s because I’m all about helping horses succeed. Specifically, I was looking for ways to help my heart horse do better. Basically, she wasn’t “broken.” As my granddaddy would say she just had “a catch in her get-a-long.” She had a bit of trouble moving comfortably, which was holding her back. She was working, but her muscles needed some TLC. After hearing advice from people I trusted, I decided to give bodywork a shot.

So, I turned to my home library, filled over the years with all things horse care related. Among the books was “Beyond Horse Massage” (that’s the starting point for learning the Masterson Method, in case you didn’t know). I’d received it as a gift along with several other books and honestly, it had gone overlooked until that moment. But there it was. And at 15 years old, eager to help my horse, I grabbed it.

After reading it cover to cover, I stepped into her stall and tried out all the techniques. Five hours later (don’t worry, I’m quicker now), I walked out totally blown away by what I’d learned about her. The next day, she felt different to ride—like she wasn’t fighting her body the whole time. It was like she was gliding, and our communication was better too. I was hooked.

People noticed the change and started asking what I’d done. When I mentioned Masterson Method®, suddenly, everyone wanted me to work with their horses too. Falling in love with helping not just my horse but others too, I decided to pursue more education so I could do this as a job.

Turns out, there was a certification program, and you can guess the rest. Now, years later, after diving deep into horse knowledge, I’m an MMCP, thrilled to be helping other horses be their best selves. Because let’s face it, we all need some R&R sometimes.


Katie’s the horse who introduced me to the Masterson Method®, and without her, I might’ve never discovered my passion for it. She was a 15.3 hand Appaloosa Mare. Her quiet nature wasn’t a problem; it taught me a lot. I believe the Masterson Method® kept her body going strong, letting her enjoy riding as much as I loved being with her.

It improved our communication and her physical well-being. Suddenly, I could sense when something wasn’t right, pick up on her cues better, and I think she could communicate with me more easily because I was paying closer attention.

Though she’s living her best life in a pasture now, she’ll always be the one who kick-started my journey. For that (and plenty more), I’m grateful. Every horse lover deserves a Katie in their life at some point—you won’t forget it.

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