Equine Bodywork

with the Masterson Method®

What is The Masterson Method®?

Developed in 2005, the Masterson Method® is a unique form of integrated equine bodywork. “Bodywork” refers to hands-on therapies that release accumulated muscle tension. The Masterson Method® works WITH the horse’s nervous system to release deep tension and stress on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the horse’s body in an effort to improve comfort and performance in the horse. It is appropriate for any horse regardless of level of competition… or not. As a  Masterson Method Certified Practitioner™ (MMCP), I use the extensive training and education I’ve received to allow your horse to be the best version of themselves.

Benefits of Masterson Method®

Muscles and Joints

Work creates tension in the gymnastic muscles of the horse thereby limiting range of motion and inhibiting performance. Masterson Method® techniques move key junctions of the body through ranges of motion in a relaxed state, releasing tension in the muscles and connective tissue that operate those junctions.

Autonomic Nervous System

Masterson Method practitioners use levels of
pressure that bypass the horse’s natural fight or flight (sympathetic) response, allowing the natural regenerative (parasympathetic) part of the horse’s nervous system to release deeper core and postural muscle tension.


Gentle movement and manipulation of this highly innervated and interconnected system of connective tissue allow the horse’s musculoskeletal system to relax and realign itself naturally.


Masterson Method® practitioners are taught to recognize subtle changes in the horse’s body language that allow them to adjust to levels of pressure that bring down the horse’s energy state. This interaction works with the horse’s energy rather than against it and allows the horse to release even deeper levels of tension.

Why Does My Horse Need Bodywork?

Equine bodywork, like the Masterson Method®, is invaluable for maintaining a horse’s health and performance. There are various reasons why a horse may benefit from this approach, including tension relief, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. It’s important to note that Masterson Method Certified Practitioners are not veterinarians and do not diagnose conditions. However, through gentle, non-invasive techniques rooted in the horse’s natural responses to touch, practitioners can address muscle tension, stiffness, and discomfort. By focusing on key areas such as the poll, neck, back, and hindquarters, equine bodywork promotes relaxation, enhances range of motion, and improves circulation. This holistic approach aims to optimize the horse’s performance and well-being while fostering a deeper connection between horse and handler.

Why It Works

The Masterson Method® effectively releases tension in a horse’s body by utilizing gentle, non-invasive techniques that work with the horse’s natural responses to touch. According to the Masterson Method official site, these techniques focus on identifying and releasing tightness and discomfort in key areas such as the poll, neck, back, and hindquarters. By engaging the horse’s relaxation response and allowing them to release tension at their own pace, this approach promotes deep relaxation and aids in restoring balance and harmony throughout the body. It address ALL bodywork targets: the autonomic nervous system, muscles, joints, energetic elements, and fascia.

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