What to Expect

at a Masterson Method™ Session

It’s perfectly fine if the owner or client is not able to attend the session in person. However, it is important that you arrange for someone to bring the horse to the designated stall or area before the session and make arrangements for handling the horse afterward.  If you are not present, I will need to meet whoever is on-site with responsibility for your horse just in case something comes up.

How to Prepare for a Session


Communicate any specific issues or areas of concern with me before the session begins, ensuring that I can tailor the session to address your horse’s needs effectively.


Choose a quiet and comfortable environment for the session, free from distractions or loud noises that may cause stress to your horse during the session.


Gently brush & clean your horse, removing any dirt or debris from their coat, hooves, & mane. This helps me focus on the muscles & tissues during the session.

Post-Session Instructions

After a Masterson Method® bodywork session, it’s highly beneficial to allow your horse ample time to rest and integrate the effects of the gentle techniques applied. Waiting as long as possible before engaging your horse in further activity allows their body to fully absorb the benefits of the session. By giving your horse this time to rest and relax, you’re enabling them to experience deeper levels of release and relaxation, maximizing the effectiveness of the Masterson Method®. This approach prioritizes your horse’s well-being and ensures they can fully reap the rewards of the session, leading to improved overall comfort, movement, and performance over time.